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Prissy Vickers is Not Dead Yet

Prissy Vickers is Not Dead Yet. Released December 2018.

My name is Prissy Vickers and I am officially a danger to myself…or at least that is what one softly spoken nurse told me as a reason for keeping me in hospital over-night. Look all I did was try to end my life, I wasn’t intending to annoy or upset anyone! Obviously it all went wrong and I had to slope home with my tale between my legs. My only source of comfort was that no one knew anything about it and I knew I wouldn’t make the attempt again (or at least if I did, I would make sure the tablets I took were something a bit more lethal than a bottle of ancient sweeteners!) and that I had, on the advice of the hospital therapist, decided to write a journal which was something that I was actually looking forward to.

What I didn’t realise until later however, was that everyone and their cat knew about my pathetic attempt at suicide! And (even worse than that) they had all decided they knew how to fix me!

The Least of My Childen

The Least Of My Children is the the 9th book in the Glory Woods Mystery series. Released April 2018.

An insidious evil is spreading itself over England’s green and pleasant land. Its victims are for the most part invisible to us because they are so far beneath our radar, but they are there just the same. Even in charming and seemingly tranquil Kenley village, nestled amid the beautiful Surrey Hills, cruelty and malevolence are hidden behind lacy net curtains.

Two bodies have been found. The first (that of a man thought to be in his late twenties) found in the Glory Woods, a well-known beauty spot on the edge of Kenley Village. The second (a young boy, eleven or twelve years of age) in a skip, a few miles outside the town of Brighton in Sussex. Both have had their heads and hands removed and both show evidence of a vicious dog attack. Dorothy Smiles (Chief Coroner for Redbank and the surrounding areas) and Detective Inspector Frank Hill, are both sure that there has to be a link between the two. But what is it? And more importantly, will they be able to track down this brutal murderer before he kills again?

For the last two and a half years Tracy Burton and her husband Simon have been living it up in Beverly Hills. They have all thoroughly enjoyed the experience, but now they are getting ready to move back to their home in Kenley Village. With just a couple of weeks before they are due to leave disaster strikes. One of their good friends is gunned down as he is leaving a party they are hosting! Even worse, it seems as far as the LAPD are concerned, Simon is their number one suspect!

Born Different

Born Different is the the 8th book in the Glory Woods Mystery series. Released May 2017.

Love…it can manifest itself into many forms. It can be wonderful and life changing or dark and obsessive. It can protect and redeem or it can control and possess. It can lift you up…or it can drop you from a great height and utterly destroy you.

Ex-Detective Inspector Carla Right has spent the last two years building up her missing person’s agency. She receives a letter from a woman asking for help to find her husband, who has been missing for a few months. All the evidence initially points to this being a simple case of a run-away husband, but as she digs deeper things begin to emerge which set Carla’s alarm bells ringing and she begins to suspect that all is not as it seems.  

In this, the eighth Glory Woods mystery, something dark and deadly is heading for the sleepy little village of Kenley. Strange things are happening, weird visions occurring and things going missing. The TV cameras have arrived, intent on making a TV documentary about local policing. Helen and Maya’s daughter Sophie has been chosen to be one of the subjects of the programme. Meanwhile Tracy has received some news which, although exciting, will turn her life upside down.

Four and a Half Minutes

Four and a Half Minutes is the seventh book in the Glory Woods Mystery series. Released September 2016.

All it took was four and a half minutes…

‘A wise old man once told me that “Hell” as he saw it, wasn’t the fire and brimstone of the Old Testament. It was rather the eternal agony of frustration and regret. Frustration for the things that you didn’t do when you had the chance and regret for the mistakes you’d made, that once done could never ever be put right.’

It’s the mid 1990’s and 24 year old Carla Hooper is just embarking on her first murder investigation as a detective constable with the Birmingham CID.

With three victims so far, all young girls, all strangled and their bodies hideously mutilated, Detective Inspector John Havers and his team are all desperately looking for a breakthrough in the case. When a fourth body is discovered however, the investigation takes on a new and more dangerous direction, throwing suspicion on the most trusted members of the community…even members of the team itself.


Run! is the the 6th book in the Glory Woods Mystery series. Released January 2016.

Once again Lucinda Hibbard is lying in a hospital bed.  Once again her face is swollen and battered, her body beaten and broken. And once again her violent, brute of a husband is crying and grovelling at her bedside, begging forgiveness and promising that it will never, ever, happen again.

Lucinda doesn’t believe him anymore…she knows how little it takes to turn him from a caring husband into a vicious animal. She knows next time he could kill her.

That’s why she knows that this time she must run!

Lost Girls

Lost Girls is the the 5th book in the Glory Woods Mystery series. Released May 2015.

Lost Girls is the fifth book in this exciting series. When a twenty year old human skeleton is discovered underneath an old car park in Redbank, DI Carla Right and her team are called in to investigate. A couple of weeks later, a local businessman is brutally murdered. Similarities between the two murders soon start to become apparent, despite the fact that there is nearly twenty years dividing them. As the evidence unfolds however Carla and Frank realise they are dealing with the worst type of killer, one who believes that he has right on his side. One that won’t stop until he has had his revenge, and is willing to destroy anyone who gets in his way.

The Witches are back, Carla, Maggie, Helen and Tracy can be found at their usual table in the Bull public house on the green at Kenley. There are weddings and babies on the horizon, plenty of drama to be discussed and lives to be dissected at their weekly cauldron meetings, all washed down with a couple of bottles of wine and of course the obligatory cheesy wotsits for Tracy. Add to that, the fact that they have all been roped into the local amateur dramatics club’s latest offering, to be performed at a stately home nearby and you can see why they need the wine!

The Girl in the Rug

The Girl in the Rug is the the 4th book in the Glory Woods Mystery series Released November 2014.

Eight year old Andy Hunt lies shivering under his thin blanket; he has gone to bed hungry again with fresh bruises on his face.

Hot tears roll down his grubby cheeks and onto his pillow…he doesn’t know why he always makes his mum so angry, he tries to be good, he really does.

But nothing can prepare this little boy for the devastation that he will have to deal with, when a series of tragic events bring him and his family to the attention of two vicious local thugs.

DI Carla Right has to face one of the hardest investigations of her career when the body of a little girl is found. At the same time, evidence comes to light that a paedophile ring is targeting the local care homes for children…could it be that the two crimes are linked in some way?

The Witches, Carla, Maggie, Tracy and Helen are back, each with their own new set of problems to deal with. Thank goodness they have each other to turn to when things go wrong…because sometimes, things can go very, very wrong indeed.

“Praise for the Witches of Glory Woods series…This book was a mixture of emotions, thrilling, chilling…as usual another of Kay’s books that I couldn’t put down…” Kelly Cookes

Nasty Bitch

Nasty Bitch is the the 3rd book in the Glory Woods Mystery series. Released July 2014.

Someone is torturing and killing men.
The dreadfully mutilated bodies of several men have been discovered, both here in England and in Florida USA.
So when a courting couple find the grisly remains of a man in a disused barn near Kenley, Carla and her team fear that they may have a serial killer on their hands.

“…I totally love this series. The characters, the twists and turns in each story…brilliant writing, a real page turner…” Shanna Boo

Bad Things Happen

Bad Things Happen is the the 2nd book in the Glory Woods Mystery series. Released February 2014.

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare!
In the dead of night, a child is taken!
Once again someone in the the tiny village of Kenley has blood on their hands.
Detective Inspector Carla Right is really up against it this time, as she heads up the investigation to find the missing boy before it’s too late. But all is not as it seems and soon the case becomes much more complicated than a simple kidnapping.

Mummy's Little Girl

My first book in the Glory Woods Mystery series. Released October 2013 .

When the body of a young girl is discovered in the middle of the Glory Woods, a nearby local beauty spot, Detective Inspector Carla Right starts to uncover secrets that have been buried for many years, secrets that will change the lives of some of the local residents forever.